WTS 137 million SP Goddess


Send your offers!

What is pw?

need dat pw tho

Password is 1234.

PW 1234

105 bil

i’ll consider your offer. THank you! Give me a couple hours to do some research

I think i’m looking for around 120 billion. Please send your offers.

i’m out then… good luck finding a buyer at around that price.

ok thanks for your interest. All offers are entertained by the way. Don’t let this party pooper get in the way of you and this fine specimen

there is a lot of stuff you are missing, plus you are supposed to be in an npc corp.

also, that dude makes a habit out of asking for estimated extraction price.

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@Jerry_Falcone <— and that dude has nothing better to do but volunteer his time to troll the character bazaar forum? dude, seriously, you don’t even have ISK to bid on any characters. why are you here? are you trying to make a name for yourself? lmao, not like that you won’t… get lost and go do something productive like shooting at rocks :slight_smile:

Sorry i’ll take care of all that!

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