WTS 13m Industrial Starter


Cybernetics V
Advanced Industry V
Advanced Mass IV
Metallurgy V

Great start on drone skills as well!

3 Remaps
Positive Sec
Located in Hakonen
Positive wallet
2 Empty Pods

Leave offers below <3

PLEX transfer will be used

Confirming for sale

8 bil

Thanks for the offer, looking for 10ish

10 bil

Accepted! Please send the isk/account name in game to Lisa Mason. I will log her in and get it all setup and submit the GM ticket. Post here when its all been sent to Lisa Mason

Not sure if troll or just likes to go afk 30 seconds after bidding for a day. But we continue!

Happily honor @Trefoil_LAN 's offer should he choose to send isk/acct name. But still open for matches.

Up we go.

I’ll take that match! 10 bil


Accepted, SEnd isk/account name to Lisa Mason, and respond here when done. I’ll log her in and get it sorted once I hear its good to go

Isk transfered and account name emailed to Lisa Mason

All recieved and GM ticket submitted. https://prnt.sc/otlwic

Its Friday so they might not get to it until Monday, hopefully sooner :crossed_fingers:

No worries! I’ll reply again once I receive email confirmation.

Although I didn’t receive any sort of email notification about the transfer, said transfer has now been completed.

The transfer has been completed. Thank you for a smooth transaction. Please mark the Post as SOLD!

Correct, with a plex/GM ticket transfer no email is sent, only when paying with $$$ does the system send one, since the GM is doing it manually.

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