WTS 13m SP Rorqual pilot

(Toby KCH) #1


Docked in Jita
Positive Wallet
No kill rights
1 bonus remaps
Npc corporation

Can use T2 industrial core
Can use Excavator Mining drones

Startbid: 10B
B/Obid: 12B

(Dokan Arody) #2

10 billon

(MetaTrader) #3

10.5 bil

(Laadna) #4

11 bil

(Sam2727 Moreish) #5

12 bill ready to go

(Toby KCH) #6

offer accepted, please send me a ingame mail to confirm

(TaylorBoom) #7

Mail sent - as well as the 12bill isk

(system) #9

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