WTS 141 mil SP (13mil Unallocated) fleet manager for 125 bil SOLD

I am selling one of my fleet management toons. I am blind in real life so bear with me as far as getting all the info right for you. here is my ESI link Character Sheet
I have no kill rights
less than 100k isk
jump clones in high sec and null sec
i was used primarily as a fleet boosting pilot and station manager
all of my trained skills are level 5 across a wide range of skills
i am located in Jita at the market hub

i am willing to sell inselwind for 125 billion.

i am not sure how all this works, you can contact me in game on my main dorfsorc by mail or convo if you have questions.

i am selling inselwind because i am reducing the number of accounts i have. recent chenges in the game and UI have made it more difficult for a blind player to participate in all phases. i plan to continue in EVE on my remaining accounts.
i also have 2 PI characters if anyone is interested

this sale will end on saturday.

Bid 100b to get this auction started

101B offer

105b offer

106B bid


109B offer

i will close the sale at 20:00 EVE time.

As agreed in private i’ll pay 114B

i accept your bid for 114b

@Inselwind ISK transfered and eve mail send

Got the pilot.

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