WTS - 150 Mil SP Amarr Subcap Pilot w/ Excellent Subcap PvP/E (and some mining) Skills

Located in High Sec, Positive Sec Status, Cystals
No Kill Rights, Will be in NPC
Positive Wallet
Drones 13+ Mil SP (subcap drones)
Fleet Support 7+ Mil SP
Gunnery 33+Mil SP (subcap guns)
Missiles 19+Mil SP (subcap Missiles)
Navigation 6.5+ Mil SP (subcap nav)
Scanning 7+ Mil SP
Spaceship Command 38Mil SP (subcaps)

TD V (Amarr, Caldari)
Command Destroyers V
Covert Ops V
Exhumers V
Interceptors V
Interdictors V
Precursors V (including BS)
Transport Ships V
Hacs, Recons, Command Ships IV

BuyOut: 120Bil

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90bil - ISK ready, can finalize it right away

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95bil - ISK ready, can finalize it right away

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96 bil

Whataboutaaaaah hundred

I can agree to hundred if you accept it and finalize it, you will have ISK today

I have send you an ingame mail - I am interested but also in a bit of hurry


Accepted in game offer - pls confirm so I can start sending ISK

Sending isk transfer character name in game, please reply with transfer inforrmation

i sent in game mail, i also interesting with this char ty,

ISK and account name to transfer sent

Transfer in prorgress

Working on transferring, getting cloudfare errors from the eve character transfer page, will continue to try until I can successfully transfer. Will update this thread using the character you sent isk to once the transfer has begun

Transferring to *****

Will be completed after 10/10/2022 2:45:56 AM

I can see transfer ongoing - will confirm when its done - thx

Char received - thx

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