WTS 62m Subcap Amarr - Legion / Tengu / Great PVE + Drone & Missile Skills + Orca

Great Subcap Pilot - Magic 14 100%
61.5m SP
Level 4 missions available with many agents
5.0 Sec Status
Almost perfect Drone skills / Missile Skills and Lasers + Good gunnery support skills
Industrial Command V - Can fly Orca - great for hauling your setup around
Skillbook away from HACS / Marauders etc
Positive Isk
Located in Jita 4-4
Implant Set - no clones

Offers - only selling as I’d like to go Minmitar again!

35b Online now

No thankyou, won’t be accepting silly offers.

Bump Bump

45b Online now

Sorry that’s less than extraction. This is a good pilot with focused skills, ideally waiting for someone who wants the skillset to use.

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47B Online now

Sorry still to low character is worth more - now at 62m SP

55 bil

@Mc_Runy please update the original post skill board link with options from: New Official Skillboard [https://skillq.net/]

This thread will lock in 24 hours if not resolved.

Updated with new Skillq as requested.

Thanks for the offer Yen Mad - Any chance you can do 60b and we have a deal?

Unable to access your skills link

Should be working now - 62.1m SP now

56B offer

Thanks for the offer Kuroda - I do think 60b BO is fair for a focused character like this with solid core skills, so will be sticking with that buyout.

60b BO

BO accepted - please send isk and account name to character.

ISK and EMAIL send