WTS 157m SP Character from 2006


-Positive Wallet
-No Kill Rights
Jump Clones:
3x Mid-Grade Amulett, 2 located in HS, 1 in LS
1x Geno Pod, located in LS
1x HG-Talisman located in HS
1x MG-Nomad located in HS
1x MG-Nirvana located in HS
1x MG-Snake located in LS

Character is currently located in LS in a Station

Character has Amarr and Caldari Titan Skill injected.
Character has Ikitursa All-Star Skin unlocked (40b in Jita currently).
Skillpoints are mostly Subcaps. Minmatar/Amarr Dread/Carrier 5

Starting Bid: 120b





toons needs to be in an NPC corp and also 140b

@Limited_Liability hi do you sell this toon? Podsiralo i see you have buy it

not this toon my friend, but I am trying to buy it though :slight_smile:

sell you rorqual toon? i see you buy i lot of toon :slight_smile:

sure you can post it here Buying ALL Toons INSTANT ISK 💵 - #60 by Limited_Liability





Odiek is my star sign and I WILL win this auction

Nice Bids Gentlemen! I will sell to the highest Offer in 21 Eve time, roughly 3.5h from now.

Character also has AU-79 Implant (Golden Pod)

Hey, i got some ISK another way.

I won’t sell the character, im sorry for the inconvenience.

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