WTS 16.9m SP Char - Tempest / Macharial Pilot - 2 Mid Grade Sets

PW: 1234

This char has a good foundation, focused on tempest and macharial
Mostly T2 Fit
Mid Grade Asklepian Set
Mid Grade Ascendency set
Cybernetics 5
Good engineering skills
2 Remaps
Will reset standings back to 0 before transfer

Clone 1

Clone 2

Starting Bid 15b
B/O 20b

Whops, was logged in as my market toon.

Any love on a wednesday?

13b to start em off

Bumpity Bump

13.1b isk ready

you can use an alt char to get the 2mid grade sets be your km.i dont need them

the sets are in clones i cant do anything with them but sell them.

bumpity bump ??? any luck might just strip it then and bio the char

If you stripped the character, you would get around 9.9b in injectors (since you can’t extract the first 5m SP). Ill offer 12.5b, isk ready.

i already have bids of 13.1

That was 5 days ago. I have isk ready if you want it now.

plus even if i stripped to 5b ish char i could sell that as a skill farm char. i think they are going for about 3b+

Up to you man. Im ready with isk if you want it.

u want to do the 13.1b? ill start the transfer

12.8b ill take it, isk ready

13+ ill start the transfer

final bump

Ill do 13b even but my bid must be accepted in 12h or it will be withdrawn.

ill do 13.1b now