WTS 2, 5 m sp farm characters

This guy:
https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Jathlor 1 remap
positive wallet
in jita
2 hi sec jump clones
no kill rights


this girl:
https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Bilboquigee 2 remaps
positive wallet
docked in amarr system
no clones
no kill rights

starting bids 3.5 billion isk

3.5 for jathlor

7b for all

Thanks Aaron Bellman
I want to make a quick sale … ill wait 1 hour for more bids then close sale

sale closed confirming Aaron Bellman will be getting:
For 7 bil isk
Awaiting isk and account info

still waiting

If your sale falls through Ill fill the 7bil order for both. ill be online for a few hours still. PM if you have any questions

Ok sale to Aaron Bellman did not go through Selling to XShadow4x Coors.
Awaiting isk and account info.
Send isk to Jathlor

ok isk and info coming now

isk and transfer info sent

got isk
transfered both characters
got emails confirming transfers have started

Excellent thank you so much

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