WTS 20.9m SP Exhumer 5 - Great refining skills! Can fly Lokis too!

I, Spectre Corleone, am for sale!
[https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Spectre_Corleone] PW: 1234

Implants: +5 Per Wis Int Will - 4% Reprocessing - 5% Mining Yield

Addtl Skills:
Mining Drone Spec 4 - Great Refining Skills!
Minmatar Focus - Lvl 5 Frig, Dest, and Cruiser - Can fly Cloaky Lokis and Sabres!
Cov Ops - Exp Frigs - Assault Frigs

Located in Jita 4-4
NPC Corp -Skillboard hasn’t updated yet
1 HS Jump Clone
Positive Wallet
Positive Standing
1 Bonus Remap Avail

Will transfer via PLEX. All CCP rules apply.

Starting Bid: 15bil

10b for Spectre Corleone

Daily grind bump!

Hustle bump

Friday Fun Bump!


Can you do 14B? I’ll need to add to the refining skills.

Minimum bid has not been made and I am withdrawing this character from the market. Please delete.

what is the minimum you would have accepted?

if this is still avail. ill offer 16b B/O

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