WTS 2003 Character: BloodyBill Quantrill

This Confederate Outlaw BloodyBill Quantrill headed up “Quantrill’s Raiders” and rode with the likes of Josey Wales and Col. Mosby. This 16 Year old Outlaw can be yours if the price is right. This character has a clean slate to write on and you can make him into whatever you want and have the added prestige of being one of the oldest characters in the game.

Starting Bid $28 Bil ISK (B/O $36Bil)

This character is 16 years old and comes with:
A full set of Basic +3 Implants
3,300,000. Skill Points (695,000 unallocated)
1 Yearly Remap & 3 Bonus Remaps
Positive Security Status
No Kill Rights
Wallet has a positive balance
The character is located in 0.7 Oiniken III Moon 1 House of Records
I will pay for the character transfer after the ISK are received


LOL…2.5 mil SP and you want 28 Bil…Skill injectors can get one there for less. Truly a wild west ripoff

Thank you for your input. However, the character is 16 years old and that swag can’t be created with any amount of injectors.

Plenty of people pay big isks for a 2003 character with a clean record. Throw in a creative name like this one and it is at least a 30B character easily (not a bid because I am poor…).

Good luck bloodybill! Always enjoy seeing a 2003 character on the market.

Thanks Jamie, I was glad someone got the real point of the character’s worth as one made during the year the game was launched and because it’s kind of hard to go back in time and make another :slight_smile:


Ttreenewbee, Thank You for your opening Bid of 28bil. If there are no more bid within the next week this character will go to you.

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A bump o the top and if there are no more bids within the next 4 days then Treennewbee will be the winner.

I give up

Well Treennewbee if you’re still interested I will take your opening bid if you want within the next 24 hours.

Oh boy, if I had the ISK I would jump all over this without even a second thought. Selling so cheap too
Sadly Ive not made more than a few hundred mil in ISK yet.
Good luck with the auction, wish I could bid.

Thanks Jay, that was kind of you to say so. and perhaps one day someone might find an old character to part with and you’ll have bundles of ISK to buy it with. :slight_smile:

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