WTS This Character: Bloody Bill Quantrill, 8m+ SP (5m unallocated), 2003 Birthdate 24B o/bo

BloodyBill Quantrill Skill & Standings Sheet (tools4eve.com)


  1. Positive wallet 41932. ISK
    2.No Kill Rights
  2. No Jump Clones
  3. Character is in an NPC station in High Sec at Oiniken XI - Moon 12 - Impetus Development Studio

This character has all Basic Implants, and 3 Attribute Remaps Available.

I have had this toon as an alt for nearly 20 years that I named after an historical person named in a Clint Eastwood movie called the Outlaw Josey Wales. William Quantrill was a Confederate Raider that Josey Wales rode within the movie. I also understand that that the over 8m SP is not what a 24B ISK character would normally go for and the value or worth is merely in the 2003 character creation date, and/or the name if you’re a Clint Eastwood/Josey Wales fan. No need to post about SP worth/value or dislike of Eastwood, Josey Wales, or movies, it’s just a toon I thought I would sell to eventually make room for something different later. I don’t need to sell it so if you’d like to have this character then here’s your opportunity. Also, note that he currently a member of the NPC Corp “State War Academy”.

Ingame message sent.

Just a bump back to the top

Is this still for sale and is 24 the absolute min you will take?

well if you want him i can do 22B

Would you take 20?

How about 21, right in the middle?

Sorry cant do 21

OK thank you for your interest.

5 bill offer for a 2 mill sp toon

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