WTS 20m Combat toon. ECM Tengu + Gal BS

ECM Tengu
Gallent BS 5.
Large cannons 5.
Positive wallet.

Price is 17b.



15.5bil and I’ll take it now.


Ok. Go 16B.

16 bil


Send ISK and account info. I will start transfering as i go back from work.


What u mean where? To Padme Naboo as they want at bazaar rulls.



Hey, Sorry offer is now withdrawn, I’ve realised that the Extraction Value of this account is only 10.8B and wouldnt economically make sense. I would only pay 13B maximum for this.

14 is last price.

Really sorry but i cannot go above 13B, The extraction Value if i was to extract is 10.8B. I want an account to play, not to extract, but i dont want to cut myself short.

No problem mate.

13B and i will send now, and you can begin transfer - If this was a perfect Tengu with *5 Rockets etc… then sure because i wouldnt have to re-configure.

No, thank you.
Just buy injectors and make character of your dream.

Ok man, have a good day.