WTS 20M sp /Vargur T2/

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Vargur T2

and just can fly: ACM dread/AM carrier -Jdc4

Positive Wallet
No Kill Rights
2 Remap
1 Clone with mid-grade crystal

Starting bid 14B

Dont have :

Engi 5
Gun support 5
Marauder 5.

many skills to learn :frowning:

I can give u 10bil

Thank you for offer.
But the price is too low for me.

12 B/O

15bill bid. I’ll start at the minimum

16b i offer

16.5b i offer

17b i offer

20b offer

TANKS. It was a high bid.
The process will be shortened to 12 hours.

Does this mean that you accept the price?

If you accept, I will pay you in 12 hours.


Please send details in game. 07

It’s been nearly 24 hours.
I’d like to confirm how long it will take.

Sorry for the late reply, here’s the thing, the person who bought this number is my friend, he asked me to keep an eye on your number for him, he really wanted to buy it, so he offered 20b. Now he is on a business trip, the earliest he can come back on Monday, then he will pay you, and then we will hand over in your forum.

If there is still no letter after Monday, you can continue to sell at 17b, but I hope you can wait for a week, within a week, 20b we will buy.

I can wait until next Sunday.
And may continue to offer. 07

thank you :kissing_heart:

i will wait until next sunday