WTS 21.1M SP Ishtar, Arazu, Cyno 5

Jiin Ro Skill & Standings Sheet (tools4eve.com)

No Kill Rights
Balance Attribute Mapping
3 Remaps Available, 1 Yearly + 2 Bonus
Current Implants +4 Slot 1 - 4
No Jump Clones
Positive Wallet
Slightly Negative Security Standing

Price: 20.5B

Daily bump

15B quotation

Appreciate the offer but i’m looking for a bit more.

21 bill

Accepted, send isk and account information

first time buying a account do i need account with open toon slot if so i have 1

isk in hand

Yes, you need an account with an open character slot, it can be an alpha account, and it cant have a current transfer going to/from it.
Eve mail ME the account name you use to login. I need that information to transfer the character.

ok thank you

Just a reminder, you can only be logged into one character per account, so if your game plan is to be using this character at the same time as your main, it has to be on a separate account.

If you are creating a new account dont forget to use your friend invite link when creating the new account.

Crap I just realized it will be about 2 hours before I can begin the transfer as I sold another character on this account, and that one hasnt completed yet.

isk and account info sent

will be ok no hurry if i have to wait I’m willing to wait.

Just for confirmation, I have received both.

Transfer Started:

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