WTS 21Mil SP Scanner / Cyno / Orca Booster

Total SP: 21,084,209
Unallocated: 52,928
Wallet Balance: Positive
Kill Rights: None
Jump Clones: 0
Remaps: 2 available.
Toon Location: Jita
Corp: NPC
Sec status: 0

  • Slot 1: Limited Ocular Filter - Beta
  • Slot 2: Limited Memory Augmentation
  • Slot 3: Limited Neural Boost - Beta
  • Slot 4: Limited Cybernetic Subprocessor

Perfect Scanning / Cyno / Orca / Mining Booster

Bidding starts at 12B

Confirming I am for sale.

5 B/O

I can accept your bid once you add on 7Bil to meet the minimum. Otherwise, thanks for the bump.


ok 7 B/O send isk and Name Account awaiting transfer

No Thanks.

Excuse me, they were sent to you already 7 b as soon as I get home I’ll make you a screen of the transaction if you don’t agree with my offers send me my money back otherwise I’ll contact the assistance service

Hello! It appears there was a misunderstanding here.

@Lodoss, please give @Duke_Movington an opportunity to see your message and react. If you don’t receive your ISK back, please submit a support ticket here and a GM would be pleased to give you a hand.

The misunderstanding was when you offered 5 bil, the seller said add 7 on to that. The seller requoted himself stating minimum 12bil to sell.

So two options, wait for him to send your 7 bil back, or send another 5 to get the char.

3rd option assuming he doesnt send isk, is to do as ISD mentioned

Your isk has been returned.

12 bil

accepted. Send Isk and account name and I’ll start transfer as soon i’m out of work.

Isk and account name sent

Isk was received and character transfer started.


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