WTS 227 Million SP 2005 PVP Character

Hi all,

I’m looking to sell this character.

She has just over 227 million skill-points, has a diverse set of skills and would make the perfect main.

Character Information:

Location: Jita.
Security Status: 5.0.
Wallet: Positive.
Kill Rights: None.
Re-Maps: One standard and four bonus re-maps available - currently mapped for maximum Intelligence and Memory.
Clones: Screenshot
Current Clone: Full mid-grade Crystal set including Omega, AM-705, Zor’s Custom Navigation Hyper-Link, TN-905 and RL-1005.
Assets: None.
Corporation: NPC Corporation - ready for transfer.

Skills - eveboard

Price: 200 Billion ISK

Please either eve-mail me or reply to this thread.


190 bil

192 bil

194 bil





Selling to Maizie Fields, terms agreed upon in game.

Purchase confirmed. ISK and account info has been sent.

Thanks, Zariyana!

ISK and account user name has been received.

Transfer to commence shortly once transferred a few things to another character.

Transfer started.

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