WTS 23,9 mil SP Pilot [SOLD]

Conrad Stonebanks Skill & Standings Sheet (tools4eve.com)

Cool name.
All rules followed.
Positive wallet balance.
No kill rights.
In NPC corporation.
Located in Jita.
Bonus remaps available: 2

All Magic 14: 5
Cybernetics: 5
All Shields skills at 5
Focused caldari with frigate and cruiser 5
Diplomacy, Connections, Negotiation, Social and Security Connections at 5, ready to be a good mission runner.

22 bil B/O or good offers can be accepted

15b offer

17B offer

temporary cancelled my offer due to lack of funds

18b offer

Thanks for the offer, looking for 20b at least if possible or slightly higher.


18.5B offer


Noted, but waiting for someone who offers at least 20b.


Daily bump!

I am Tamara Best but sold that character. I offer 20b.

Noted, If no one approaches the b/o of 22b in the next few hours will be yours.

Interested in B/O

Send isks to this char via mail, account details and i will begin the transfer.

No b/o arrived, so the auction continues. Gergish Khan is ahead with 20b.
Bump and ready to close the auction today.

I have 20b ready if you want to close it out now

In two hours, join me in chat game.

Hi in game now. In chat now, 20b and account sent.