WTS 24.5m Ishtar/Abyssal Character

WTS this character
Can fly ishtar, good tanking and drone skills.

Has Cybernetics 5
Postive Wallet
No Killrights
No Jumpclones
Character is in Jita

Character is in NPC Corp


Last bump before i just extract skills, since there seems to be no interest

What price are you looking for?

Ideally somewhere around 15b, but make me an offer :slight_smile:

15 bil BO

16B b/o

Accepted, send isk and account name to this character please

Still haven’t received anything, so it could be yours if you send 15b and the account name. Also available to other interested persons

Still available

Still available

I can offer 12 bil

thats less than i could get by extracting. 13b and it’s yours

Accepted. I Will send money in 12 hours when I am home from work

Account Info and money sent

received, transfer initiated

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