WTS> 24m SP Drone Master

Character Skills

Nice Weeb Name
+5 Implants except charisma
Positive sec status
Positive wallet status
No kill rights

Leave Best Offers

I live in +8 UTC, so im mostly online 11:00-17:00 eve time.

16.5B offer

17 bil

18 bil

good drone char , i m very like

and i want to know
what means “Will be transferred with plex, issue ticket.”
can use plex to go trans ? not use $20??
how to do it?

19 bil

19B highest bid.

ill take a B/O of 20b… if i get no offer up to 13:00 eve time ill accept 19b

Yes you can… by leaving 1000plex on your pilot then file a ticket.

19.5 good for 24 hrs

19.5b Highest offer, if no offer until 13:00 eve time, pilot is yours.


isk ready

Send isk and account details.

isk & account sent

Received, will be sending now

Character sent. http://prntscr.com/jgprwt

Received, thx

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