WTS 24m sp JF/Logi/Trader/(Pre)Triage -- 20b

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  • Current Clone has +5s, Warp, hull, shield implants (for freighting)
  • 2nd clone has +5 memory and +5 Cybernetic
  • 3rd empty clone in Jita

Skill Highlights

  • logi cruiser V (basi pilot)
  • JDC V
  • JDO V
  • Drone interfacing V
  • Cap skills all at V
  • Cybernetics V
  • Minimatar Freighter V
  • JF IV
  • Tactical Logistics Reconfiguration IV
  • accounting/retail/trade V, most supporting at IV

Was training towards Apostle, just needs cap books.

1x Bonus Remap
1x Normal Remap

I will be using plex and the assistance of a GM to pay for the transfer. This means somewhat of a delay to start the transfer after isk received. I’ve already submitted the GM ticket and will send on the destination account once we have a deal and isk received.

B/O 20b

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(Ellen Ochoae) #3

Thanks for offer. Daily Bump

(Ellen Ochoae) #4

Daily Bump. GM replied to my ticket, ready to transfer once we get an account name and isk

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(Maizie Fields) #6

17 bil

(Ellen Ochoae) #7

Thanks for the bid. They are heading in a the right direction! Another day , another bump

(Ellen Ochoae) #8

Daily Bump. I’d settle for 20b

(Ellen Ochoae) #9

Bumperoo, this pilot is yours for 20b

(Marisole) #10

May wish to edit OP, as this is inaccurate - shows Tactical Logi Recongfig IV on Eveboard.

(Ellen Ochoae) #11

Thanks for pointing that out. Daily bump

(sunlui) #12

20bil b/o, please confirm and i’ll send the isk/details

(Ellen Ochoae) #13

Confirmed, once isk and account name received I will reply to the hGM ticket and get it started

(sunlui) #14

Isk/details sent

(Ellen Ochoae) #15

Received, replied to the GM ticket, the ball is in their court

(Ellen Ochoae) #16

GM responded, is waiting until the spot is free on the destination account to transfer

(sunlui) #17

Should be fine to transfer now

(Ellen Ochoae) #18

I have replied asking them to try again

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