WTS 24mil sp PVE ishtar/tengu/gila pilot

PVE toon
positive wallet
in jita 4-4
positive standings with trigs and edencom
23,989,511 sp
has 1 hg crystal pod w/o omega at jita 4-4
+5 security status
no killrights
skills to be able to run t5/t6 abyss

starting bid = 11b
b/o = 15b

11 bill

bump bump

12 bil

bump (will give it a few more days before selling to the highest bidder)

12.2 bill

buyout reduced to 15 bil


15bil, i take the buyout

ok, please send isk and account info

Isk are sent, please wait 9h before transfer so i can free a char slot

PM with account info sent to Nooblet Pro

thanks, i will transfer the account the next day at around 1100 eve time

the link to the character transfer page doesn’t seem to load right now. i will transfer the character once it is fixed

Sorry for the delay, account transferred now and you will receive it after 10 hours