WTS 26m character can fly capitals, black ops - SOLD

has serpentis victory skin injected

character is out of player corp, skillboard hasn’t updated

positive wallet

no kill rights

can fix sec status if required, but is -2.6

no jump clones

will move to hek or jita per buyers request

Confirming i am for sale.

12b offer , can pay now

14b only for today

I’d like to offer 15b, have the isk on hand

25 bil am on with isk on hand ready to go

i will accept this offer in a day or so if no others have been made., @Anson_Frost

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i’ll offer 30 bill to buy out now

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Thread reopened.

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if you still want the character, i can accept it now.

i do, will send in game msg

account info and isk sent.