WTS 27.7mil SP Gal/Cap pilot

(Isis Kalia) #1

dont need this pilot anymore

Archon pilot
Gal-Recons/HACs/T2 industrials
2 remaps

character in Jita 4-4, zero wallet, no kill rights
http://eveboard.com/pilot/Isis_Kalia PW 51987

Buyout 20bil

(Zorin Firestone) #2

15B …

(Posrane) #3


(May Mon) #4

19b isk ready, slot ready.

(Isis Kalia) #5

May Mon sold, send isk and account info, will confirm when transfer started

(May Mon) #6

isk and account info sent

(Isis Kalia) #7

after some tech difficulties transfer started

Character Name: Isis Kalia
Will be completed after: 12/15/2017 3:00:22 AM

(May Mon) #8

transfer email received, thank you.

(system) #9

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