WTS 27M sp Tengu/Prober/bomber alt

(BobbiDaBuilder) #1

Testing the waters.


Pass: 9999


256,000 unallocated SP

3 Clones with +4s and accessory (scanning, missile) implants. One bare clone.

6M in missiles, Heavy/HAM/Torp V

Tengu with all subs to V

Probing skills to IV. Cyno V.

Decent Rook/Falcon alt with Recon IV and jamming support skills.

Current remap available with 2 bonus remaps.

No kill rights. In NPC Corp. Positive Wallet.

Starting bid: 20B

Buyout: 23B

(Yitzhak Zamayid) #2

14 bil ready now

(Icarus LI) #3


(BobbiDaBuilder) #4

bump of the day

(Maizie Fields) #5

18.5 bil

Thinking of selling? We’re currently buying characters, please contact me for an offer.

(BobbiDaBuilder) #6

lowered buyout, still for sale

(BobbiDaBuilder) #7

buy meee

(BobbiDaBuilder) #8

Still for sale.

(Pranda Xeon) #9


(BobbiDaBuilder) #10

19.5b highest bid. Will give it a few more days. If no other bids it’s yours.

(Pranda Xeon) #11

well well

(BobbiDaBuilder) #12

Bobbie is still looking for her Bob!

(Pranda Xeon) #13

i will the right one

(BobbiDaBuilder) #14

winner winner

(CoLd Isic) #15

20B B/O

(Pranda Xeon) #16

so i will give u 20.5b finished this trade … make sure your have time to do this and rely me in advance

(Pranda Xeon) #17

i suggest u have a cut-off date to make sure we can finised this long-time biding,cause i have no idea i will wait the next chat for no sure

(Erin Evenmoore) #18


(BobbiDaBuilder) #19

If pranda still wants it the character it is his, for 20.5 otherwise I’ll set a date for end of auction.

(Pranda Xeon) #20