WTS 27m VERY focused industry geek


My Skills


All building skills to 5, inc Capital building, think of the titans :slight_smile:
All science skills required ot be a VERY solid invetor
both 11 slots in building and researching
lots of t2 ship building
defence managment 5 :slight_smile:

lots of clones, and +5 implant ability, have the 3% or 4% implants for research and construction.

Finally for those who it matters to (like myself) a very nice name

So hit me up with some offers, might be VERY tempted to sell as im not planning on going back into full constructions any time soon :slight_smile:

Please leave responses here as this toon wont be logged in for some time

Buy out has now been set to 24b
NB I am UK TZ and thus transfers will take place in UK TZ Evenings / weekends :slight_smile:

18 billion.

19b BO


thanks for offers / comments

This will be changed to a WTS but will set buy out at 24b

Topic title changed to wts :sunny:


20,5 bil

20.75 bill


getting very close to target value, would like the girl gone before weekend is out… :slight_smile: thanks for bids already placed

21.5 Bil


thanks guys auction will close at 21.00 eve time tonight and highest bidder will win (or first one to hit my buy out).


Saturday 21.00 highest bidder wins :slight_smile:


just 4 hours left for this pretty girl to have a new home

ok so 21:00 is up, @Jephta_Naud is winner with bid of 22bill please transfer isk to this toon,and email account information , once done i will initiate transfer, Im on until 0:00 but if received will transfer once up again in morning :L)


I transfer the money on Storm Asmodeus
information for the transfer also

We are currently processing this transfer. The character being transferred will remain on your account until the process is complete, but will not be playable during this time.

Character Name: Storm Asmodeus

Will be completed after: 1/28/2018 7:14:43 AM

thanks for quick transfer and hope she can do what you want (hopefully use her skills more than extract lol)

Do not worry he’ll be useful to me

Bugger I would have gone up to 24bill lol :frowning: why do I have to work