WTS 59m Miner/Industry/Builder/Reprocessing


Positive Sec Status
Will be located in hi-sec

Near perfect Rorqual
Perfect Mining Booster
Builds Titans
All the major nullsec ore reprocessing V, working up the others
Good drone skills
Alot of neat skins

Bidding starts at 50b

The sale will continue for 11 days (Jobs will be finished by then) at which time I will sell for the best price.


Bump to the top

Bump to the top

Good ole bump time

46 billion, for your consideration…

48 billion

Had a ingame offer of 45b, but 48b is leading. Character’s jobs will be done in 6 days, if no higher then he will be yours.

48.5 bil

Be careful @TxivYawg1… Remember the last two times you left sellers hanging dry? Make sure you have the ISK please…

49 billion.

49.5 bil


50.1 bil


snipI have removed off topic Remarks ~ISD Buldathsnip

50.3 bil

Thanks for the bids, 50.3b is leading. 5 days and 9 hours from now the jobs will be finished and the character will be ready to transfer.

Only 3 days left and he will be sold, we are still at 50.3b as the highest.

51 Bil

sorry,already bought another character。