WTS 28,781,593 SP Mission Running/Mining Character


Character Has the following

Positive ISK Balance
No Kill Rights

Located: High Sec

Haajinen XI - Lai Dai Corporation Factory

Clone Locations:

Haajinen XI-Lai Dai Corporation Factory
Haajinen XII-Moon 8- Ishukone Watch Logistic Support

ASKING Price 20Bil Or Best Offer Let me know if interested.

If there is anything here that is missing just send me a message and i will be sure to correct the issue in a timley manner.

Thank you

Reaper is no longer in corporation he is in high security area he is Amarr capable as well as mining. I was using him as a mining alt but prior history was focused on missions and mining. If you have any questions please ask

20 billion

hey Maizie,

That sounds good!

I am currently in game i will contact you

Thanks, reaper. ISK and account info has been sent!

Character Sold please remove post

Transfer confirmed. Thanks, K.V… ;=)

Character has been sold.