WTS 2x mining and PI toons

Parasite One & Parasite Two



Both pilots and in good standing and positive wallet.

Open to all offers.

I am for sale

i am for sale

offer 7b & 6b

That offer is quiet low.

not accepted.

if that offer is quite low then what do you want for them? You obviously have a figure in mind for both toons, hence why you rejected offer straight away.

If you do the math,

I could melt both toons with a total profit of 14.5B which doesn’t account for the additional 5M SP on each toon. Also these toons are useful increasing their value over melted toons.

I’m glad your showing interest.

Ok i will make an offer of 16b for both toons sir :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I offered you a fair price for what these 2 low sp toons are worth, but it seems like you want a fool to come along and pay you at an over price value for them, they have cybernetics lvl 1 lol, its a core skill to help characters train faster with +5 implants and you didnt even bother training it to atleast lvl 4. Your expecting someone to offer you more than the extraction value…

I retract my bid, they are not worth what you want, good luck :pray:

How much are you looking for? I just came back to game after about 6 years and considering a mining alt.

I thought that was a fair deal imo. And the OP did say open to ALL offers

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