WTS 2x orca pilots

Looking to sell 2x orca pilots, about
17 million sp each
No kill rights
Can take them out of the corp they’re in
Can use all types of drones and ones training into rorqual as we speak
5.0 security status
5 billion isk in net worth, I’ll take 6 billion for the pair

Char sheets?

if they are 17 mill SP each they are worth more than 6 billion each not for the pair

ive sent you an ingame mail

I’m working atm, will upload asap

I’ll take them both for the asked price of 6bn.

Please supply the character sheets and conform to all CCP rules prior sale.

I’m working atm, I’ll supply them as and when I get home, I will require payment before transferring

i feel your under selling also dont rush it (if they are 17 mill sp each)

Thx. Let me know when ready.

Okay, I rechecked last night, main orca pilot is 17.8 m sp (char sheets incoming don’t worry) and the other is stilll grinding some skills but an efficient orca pilot at just under. 10m sp

I mean, I dunno what they’re worth XD I just don’t actually use them any more

image image image image image image image image image

This is demonic crendraven. He’s the 17.8m sp toon that I am no longer using

This is my other toon wyldfyah… also orca pilot, both can use t2 mining and ice drones. Full skill sheet and then some.

So yeah, 6 billion for the pair :slight_smile:

I’ll take it right now if you’re available

8B for the pair

You’ll need to put them in NPC corp and post a confirmation that they are in sale connected on these characters. I can give you more for both


use the login option (top right) and add the chars and then post there links in this topic.

and as ive said there worth more than your asking.

so do the sale properly or people will think the sale is not legit

Done, send payment, I will confirm when toon transfers are starting and finished :slight_smile:

@Ryo_Sung ^^^

Also, you need to post a message with them confirming that they are for sale here

I have? Check the title? :joy::joy::joy: