WTS 30.9m Perfect JF, Transport, Trader, Science and huffer


  • 3 remaps! (1 yearly, 2 bonus)
  • Positive Sec
  • Located in Jita
  • Positive Wallet
  • Clone of +5 (4/5 slots)

Gal Freighter V
Science skills for research/invention/production
Cyno V
Pro Huffer
Accounting V
Broker V

Jac has served as my faithful hauler, trader, science alt for some time but its time to set him free. He is a Pro Anshar Pilot, Mastadon/Prowler pilot, Prospect pilot.
Awesome nagivation, cap, pwg, shield skills.

Plex transfer will be used

(He has a science job that doesn’t complete until 3/4/19 so no transfer will take place until then)

Post offers below

Confirming for sale

Up we go

How much

Currently open to offers to see where buyers think the market is at, probably 25+ at least