WTS 31.6m Perfect JF, Transport, Trader, Science and huffer


  • 3 remaps! (1 yearly, 2 bonus)
  • Positive Sec
  • Located in Jita
  • Positive Wallet
  • Clone of +5 (4/5 slots)

Gal Freighter V
Science skills for research/invention/production
Cyno V
Pro Huffer
Accounting V
Broker V

Jac has served as my faithful hauler, trader, science alt for some time but its time to set him free. He is a Pro Anshar Pilot, Mastadon/Prowler pilot, Prospect pilot.
Awesome nagivation, cap, pwg, shield skills.

Plex transfer will be used

(He has a science job that doesn’t complete until 3/4/19 so no transfer will take place until then)

Post offers below

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Confirming for sale

Up we go

How much

Currently open to offers to see where buyers think the market is at, probably 25+ at least




25b b/o


Pump it upperY

Still for sale?

27 b/o

28 and this pilot can be yours todayers

28 b/o

Accepted. Send the isk and account name to character for sale. Post here when you do and I’ll get the gm ticket submitted


Snowy Bump - 27b priceys

Final bump then its into the eternal sleep

20b b/o?

nah, I’d do 27, but seems this one will just go a few years on a dead account