WTS 32.7M SP Naglfar toon [SOLD]

Title says it all, I’m selling this 32.7M SP Naglfar alt. Can use T2 guns, has JDC V, the whole shebang.


Starting bid at 20B, buyout set at 35B.

Feel free to contact me ingame for any questions.

Bidding will end Friday 15:00 ET, after which the toon will go to the highest bidder.

22b :ok_hand:

23B Offer

Drop corp and I’ll make an offer


Toon dropped corp just before this post was made. :slight_smile:

26B offer


27b offer

Getting somewhere, back to the top!

27.5B offer

28 b bo

29B offer

29.5B Offer

End date set for sale

33b b/o

33.5b b/o

Back to the top!

i just read your eve mail and accept your offer for the 34 b buyout

isk and account name send.