WTS 32m Jump Freighter, Bowhead, Market, Cyno

Awesome hauling and market alt for sale.
Perfect Ark pilot in 20 days, good market skills, bowhead, barges, bombers, cyno…

Located in Amarr with a set of +4 training implants
Positive wallet
No killrights

22b buyout


Thanks for offer but looking for more

Still for sale

To the top

Still for sale

Daily Bump

16B offer

Sent you a mail in-game

Received in-game offer of 18b

Tell them to bid here, in-game offers counted as straw bid.

Will ask them to post here if serious about offer

Have decided not to sell at the moment, will continue skill training

Please close

Will you take 20bil? Open to negotiation

Might be convinced to change my mind. Offer still available?

I can offer you the 20b, but have a doubt is available for remap now ?

Ready for transfer, by the way.

2 remaps still available and one available immediately Screenshot by Lightshot

And I accept your offer of 20b if you’d like to proceed, send ISK to this character and I will begin transfer.

isk sent, thanks.

ISK received, will begin transfer in a few hrs when I get home.

Please answer when you do so .