I sell this toon:

I have one jump clone.
No Kill right.
Positive wallet

He is in jita, i have 0.4 sec status, i have the time to sell it.
Can fit crabing rorqual or mining with full skill max
B/O 45B



Not enough sorry

28b offered

give me 33b and i transfer the toon

Deal. Contacting.

Isk Sent

i end my call and i connect eve

i m connect

Transfert started :slight_smile:

I don’t see an email confirming transfer initiation. Can you confirm?

yes i confirm its started since morning

This character had a net worth of 6.5 Billion in the screenshot in this post. I have received him, but he only shows a net worth of 445, 000.

dude i just sell the toon with all assets not the isk bank… never people sell isk with toon…

The net worth was 6.5 billion. The assets were contracted away after he was posted here. There was only 122mil in isk. The rest was assets.

If you want we can contact the support for cancel the transaction. refound my 20€ for transaction, i refound your isk and i take my character

it s xander, cant speak with the toon. You want refound? Or you take the toon and i stay with isk?