WTS 33mil sp Caldari PVE/Mission LVL5 stands/Tengu pilot


Unallocated Skillpoints: 23,000
Total Skillpoints: 32,899,052
4.4 SS, no kill right, ready to run lvl5 mission (have good standings)
Strong rocket/drone skills.
Located in jita.
+5 imps

Looking for 28b

20b isk offer

21b offered

i can offer 22b. tks

23b :slight_smile:

26b thanks

25b :slight_smile:

26b im ready

oh, the dirty post edit rather than alerting me to another bid

keep the bidding going… 27b

Mufasa is not answering, so we can make it for 27b now. Im ready

roger that, logging in now

convo me ingame pls

i’m here and see if we still can make the deal. thanks

isk sent, account name sent

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