WTS 34m amarr/gallente char

Lets go again…


Old Man Chamemi

Price: 27b
Location: hi sec, probably Rens
Wallet: positive, 0 isk and above
Jump Clones: some, check skillboard in link
Corp: NPC corporation
NPC Standings: Angels and Sansha
Ships char can fly: dunno, check the ******* skillboard
Duration of sale: until ISD locks the thread cause ye… ISD…


21bil ready

no …


No, I want more

back up

24 b/o right now

25 and you got a deal

@Old_Man_Chamemi, deal can you come online?

ok, im online

Open a convo with me please

isk received, transfer done, enjoy and good luck

Thank you for the fast purchase, have a good one o7

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