WTS 34m foucs super carrier pilot

Super focused super carrier pilot. No wasted SP.
All CCP rules apply.
I am looking for around 30bil but am open to offers

Sissi Lamperouge I’ll start the bidding at 17B

20b :kissing_heart:

offer 21b

offer 21.5b

Still open for offers :slightly_smiling_face:



offer 23b

Still open for offers :laughing:

offer 24b

Offer 25b

offer 25.1

offer 25.2…

offer 25.21

Offer 26b

The price increase is 0.5bil :sweat_smile:

Thank you for the offer, you are close to a deal, make a little effort and this char is yours Spike Shpeigel

@Sissi_Lamperouge offer 27.5b b/o. That is the highest I can go :frowning:

Fair offer but I will give the sale a few more days, this toon will be sold before the September 17, 2021 and if 27.5b is the best offer, I will accept your offer.