WTS 35 mil SP MinChar Combat focused- SOLD

Focusing on Industry WTS character 35 mil SP, positive ISK balance, 2 kill rights on (1) Rey Oren and (1) Corrupt Phantom.

Starting Bid: 25 bil
Buyout: Make offer
All CCP Rules apply
Transfer fee will be paid by me
In NPC Corps.

21b offer

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Thank you for considering this character. However , offer is not accepted please feel free to bid again.

For a 35m SP toon looking for at least 30b, you 're barely into Battleship level ships and guns, I mean, its your toon and all, you set the price but…take a look around and see what the other ppl are offering before you “ask” for prices like this.


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Thanks for the feedback Paul. Char still available.


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Thank you for the bid, waiting to see if i get bid closer to the starting bid.

If you’ve been thinking of hopping into FW to check it out with new mechanics and isk making opportunities this is a perfect char to get started or add to your current roster.

I will bid 25bil.

Bid accepted, Send ISK to Radd Weston and ingame mail account information and account transfer will be initiated today when I can log in today.

ISK Sent and account info - thank you!

Isk and account received, Transfer requested/initiated.

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