WTS 37Mil SP Rorqual/Refining/Cap Production/(almost)Fax alt

(Fnar Fnar McNeeley) #1


Industrial reconfig V
10mil SP in refining
Cap ship production IV (supercaps)
well on its way to being a fax alt (just needs the ship skills)

Starting bid 21 Bil

Buy out 32 Bil

All CCP rules apply
No killrights
Positive wallet

Isk goes to me

(Feral Macedon) #2

32b offer. ISK ready.

(Feral Macedon) #4

wrong character Willow =D

(Fnar Fnar McNeeley) #5

:stuck_out_tongue: anyway sounds good. send isk + info to me

(Feral Macedon) #6

ISK and account information send to Fnar Fnar McNeely

(Fnar Fnar McNeeley) #7

Isk received, transfer started! Cheers :smiley:

(Feral Macedon) #8

Thanks! Will post when I receive the character.

(Feral Macedon) #9

Received the character. Thank you!