[WtS] 40m focused Nyx/Thanny char

as title states, i dont need this char any more so away it goes
eb: http://eveboard.com/pilot/Boidelle_Maricadie

carrier/cap ships/heavy fighters + fighter hangar management V
HG slaves/HG Ascendencys/+5’s


I like the toon, 30b offer

32b after checking bank!

I’ll buy it for 33b/o

Cash available, will pay within 5 hours of confirmation

Current offer 34b … b/o set at 36b
24hrs left then it will be sold

No contact from top bidder … 33b current offer, buyout now set at 35b

Still for sale

30b - isk ready can trasnfer before downtime mate

35 bil b/o accepted. ISK ready to be sent upon confirmation.

Accepted b/o offer send Isk and account name and I will begin transfer early evening

Isk sent, account info mailed. Thanks for the sale!