WTS 43M SP tengu AC pilot


:money_mouth_face: Awesome name!
:money_mouth_face: 3 Remap available!(If you remap now,2 Remap will still remain)
:money_mouth_face: A C ship Engineering Drone Shield Missile tengu Master

:boom: 1. Wallet balance: Positive
:boom: 2. Kill rights: None
:boom: 3. Jump clones: Delve and Jita.
:boom: 4. Current Skill Points: 43,645,100

Starting Bid: 32bil
Buyout: 38bil

  • I am responsible for paying CCP the character transfer fee.
  • ISK from the sale goes to Tristan Rock.


25B bid

26b isk ready.

Isk will go to Sunnybright not anybody else.

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