WTS 44m SP All-Arounder


Born 08/2019
So ugly he’s handsome
5x Standard Implants
Yearly Remap in 11 months – 0 Bonus Remaps
30k unallocated SP

Great Core Skills
Good-Great Drones
Good Shields
Good Gunnery
Good-Great Missiles
Great Miner/Ice Harvester
Caldari Freighter
Ca;dari T3 Subsystems all to V

NPC Corp. – Positive wallet
No Kill Rights – No jump clones
Located in Amarr VIII (Oris) - Emperor Family Academy

Estimated Extraction 34+ Billion

38B BO set

Tra Gik is still for sale.

BO adjusted down. All reasonable offers will be entertained.

Don’t let this end as a tragic (see what I did there?) demise.

I’ll offer 36b

Thank you Maizie. I’m going to check again in a few hours for more activity but do plan to make a decision today.

Maisie Fields, I will accept your offer. Please contact me in-game to make final arrangements.

In game contact initiated. I will proceed with the transaction upon your reply ;=)

Replied to your in-game EVE mail.

Ready and standing by.

Tra Gik

Thanks T.G., sending ISK and account info now…

ISK received, awaiting acct info

Account sent, transfer confirmed by CCP. As discussed, I’ll take care of the minor follow up matter as soon as the character is received ;=)

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