WTS 44m sp subcap with weapon skill

a snake capsule in sakht
loki done
heavy assault cruiser done
svipul done
sabre done
interceptors done
got all the weapon skill for the ship u need
engineering skill is almost done
so as navigation

29 bil b/o

not so good dude, the character deserves a better price

33 bil

Hey dude if 35b is an ideal price I think u got a deal

top it again

dude u win, 33b is ok, send me an email and that’s the deal

Mail send 33B offerd

I have contacted you in game to complete the deal. Will send ISK and account information upon your reply ;=)

Edit: offer retracted. Skill board shows character transferred or revoked… not a good sign.

pardon, didnt see the deal was made…

deleted all the third party API when deleting the alliance ESI, now information updated, check it now

sry dude but a bit late

no problem. still avalible or sold?

I made a mistake when deleting the third party ESI and now the problem’s solved but I don’t know if that guy still want it or not

oke… i can bussiness right now if you want to

I badly want to sell the character cuz I need some isk right now but I should wait for that guy’s reply since he comes first so sry, I ll contact u if he doesn’t want it anymore.

rgr that

emmm that makes sense, Log in now

deal in 33b, email pls

isk received, transferring