WTS 47 Mil old sub cap pilot

Hey guys i want to sell him,good pilot old aswell 2005.
He dont have kill right,+4 implants no big corp history.
I will remove him from corp in the next 20 min will be in the Scope.
Considering skills and old age i want 50 bil for him.
24h for bids , Is also omega for 27 days more.
Thanks and good luck


38 billion

39b offered

Thanks for offers,im looking for more then that but apreciete

I can up my bid to 41b, good for 24h.

Noted thanks.

16h left the bigist one take it.
Good luck

up in the air

42B offer on mail,thanks. Keep going guys at 50 i stop and sell it

up 2h more up left last change boys

B/O is not what i want,if someone want the pilot give me a mail,for now will still be here and learning more skills. Is 2005 old and 47 mil sp good ones im sure he deserve 50b

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