WTS 47M Kickass Amarr Dread Pilot - Near PERFECTION


I am for sale, an amazing Dread pilot…near PERFECTION.

pass: 4001

Revelation pilot
Basic +3 implants.
7 ship skins.
Located in Jita, positive wallet, sec status, no killrights.

Serious offers only please.

Thank you.

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how much

Make an offer.


35 Bill




47 mill sp can be extracted for 94 large injectors x 800 mil = 75.2 bill minus the extractor cost of around 300 mil each if bought with plex from store in 10 pack bundle bringing down skill value alone to 75.2 minus 28.2 = 47 billion just in skill value. Specialized in training = a few bill bump.
50 bill is a very fair price for this toon. Seeing as it would cost u between 88 to 90 billion to inject this toon from scratch.

Nice toon
Free bump

  • 42 million SP can be extracted

  • At current PLEX prices, Skill Extractors bought with PLEX in bundles of 10 from the NES cost out at about 398 million ISK

  • Skill Injector sales will currently net about 767 million after taxes

  • Skillboard extract value of 32 billion ISK is pretty accurate, if not a bit generous.

Edit: I’ll offer 37 bil.

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I offer 40B for this toon

Will offer 35b can pay tomorrow

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