WTS 5.3 mp sp exploring, scanning , relic farmer toon 3.7 billion isk buyout

WTS 5.3 mp sp exploring, scanning , relic farmer toon


char name Todd Walker
No Kill rights
isk balance 0
clone at jita with +4 implants
home station amarr tradeing hub
Corporation: NPC
Security Status: 3.95

BO 3.7 billion isk

the buy out is 4 billion isk, and get the char 10 hours later and start making alot isk relic farming even with the skills at. you can make 4 billion isk easy in one week OR MORE relic farming. DONT LET THIS OFFER PASS

I made 5 billion isk in the last 7 days on this char in just a tech 2 ship with the mods i have on it now and the tech 2 relic thing and not even hardcore doing it

daily bump

I’ll pay your 3.7B B/O.

I wont be online for another 6 hours though. I’ll send you a message when I transfer the ISK (if accepted :slight_smile:

i accept

ok, I’ve got another 2 hours or so before I can log in and transfer ISK.

I’ll reply online when done and send account details via mail

ok but now i will not be on till around 12:30 am my time tonight its 2:30 pm , because of the holidays its a 45 min drive then a one hour drive to my sister and she dont have internet and we stay there for a few hours then a hr drive back .then i have acess to internet( a few hours for my sister can be 3 to 6 hours)…

All good, just post when you’ve started the process :grinning:

ISK transferred, mail sent with account details


yes got isk will be doing transfer in 2 hours getting in car now to drive

ok about to begin transfer

ok trnasfer begin should have it in 10 hrs

ok you should got char now so enjoy

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