WTS 5.5 mil sp alpha toon trained for faction wars (minmatar origin)

Wants to sell: (FW PILOT)

Allocated SP 5,582,127 Skillpoints
mainly trained for dramiel. has, drones 5. light drones 5. small projectile turret 5. mechanics 5. repair systems 5. hull upgrades 5. Energy Grid upgrades 5. CPU Management 5.

full list of skills here:

Available Remaps 2

currently in npc corp
docked in Urlen VI - Chief Executive Panel Bureau (caldari space) highsec 1.0

may have some skins (irrelevant = free)

isk ballance neither negative nor positive. balance is 0.
has no assets.
no implants.
no killrights (for or against)
born: 06/11/2019
security status: -0.2
homestation: Rens
Minmatar rank: spike lieutenant

price: 3 bill minimum or b/o.

if there is anything i may have missed or neglected plz just lemme know ill get to it soonest.

fly safe o7

2.5b bid

Revised- willing to B/O @ 3b if today. Thanks

Offer to B/O for 3b extended for today.

Still for sale or?

Guessing not for sale then eh?

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