[WTS] 50m skill point pilot (1-9day any dread,20-30day any capital)

Hello Capsuleers

I am selling myself, i have 50 158 283 total skill points


  • Wallet balance: Positive

  • Kill rights: No

  • Jump clones: 2
    . A-1CON X - Moon 10 - Serpentis Corporation Chemical Storage
    . Sarum Prime III . Moon 2 - Imperial Academy

  • Character location : Sasoutikh - Kisana - Devoid
    . Sasoutikh V - Moon 11 - Theology Council Accounting

  • Security status: 5.0

  • Character not have any SKINs

  • I have:
    . 9+ standing with Theology Council and 10 with Royal Khanid Navy
    . good standing with many agent in this region
    . 626082 LP with Royal Khanid Navy
    . i am done many many lvl4 agent mission with both corporation
    . good standing with Irmalin(Irmalin VIII - Moon 13) agents, i live there a lot
    . i am close to fly ANY capital ship(20-30 day)
    . iam really close to fly ANY Dreadnought(1-9 day)

Start bid: 40 bill

Buy out: a loooooot of isk, x-mas is near guys give me a nice gift :wink:

start yoou of with a 39B offer

Comfirmed :wink:

i wait few day to more offers




give me nice offers guys, x-mas really close now :wink:

40 bil


45bil and iam yours :wink:

45bill if your ok with transfer after my shift in 12 hours? :slight_smile: You’ll make me have a really nice xmas too :smiley:

45bil B/O ready to transfer isk :smiley: Merry xmas.


sorry sleep time here , i got up now :wink:

45 bill ok for me, but where is my x-mas gift??? :D(46b :smiley: 1 bill for my x-mas gift haha) i am ready to start transfer, but i not clearly understand how, u send isk to this char i start to tarnsfer to your account and where is gone the isk? the isk sent with the char too, or?

im here now, check forum every 5-10min

the business does not come together as I see it Amarr Citizen :slight_smile:

so i search my new home, 50b the price :wink:

(give me a nice christmas present)

I’m sorry I was sleeping LOL are we still on for 45 bill? I’m in Pacific Time Zone, it’s 0700 here now. I tried to stay up last night thinking you may be sleeping

I’ll be checking post as well every 10-15 for your reply,


Sorry i worked a bit, etc.

I got some good advice, the char near to fly dread and capital, he say: don’t waste him, the value of 50 billion

i dont know its trolling or this is true but iam try to sell for 50 bill

so if 50 bill ok for you i am ready for business :wink:

No, im sorry, your last offer was 40 bill, you said b/o 45bill. 45bill is all im doing man sorry, I’ll look elsewhere if that’s to low.

ok, i understand, i wait a few day to see how is it going :wink:

So i am search new home, my price is 50bill :smiley:

OK, offer withdrawn

confirmed :wink:

So i am search new home, my price is 50bill :smiley: