WTS 51 m SP 30B obo


28B :slight_smile:

Obvious scam.


Old character not a scam

Sounds good. I will transfer when Megan Maynard character has isk.



you need to confirm with the charachter for sale…there is a smell of scam here though

Test reply here, I think it’s auto hiding my responses since I am a returning character.

Hi, it’s me Megan in Lapia clothing, this is not a scam, it’s just a really old account and I just rejoined the game. The autobot has muted me while they look into this I guess because of the age lol.

Is this guy still for sale?

40b right now.
but i think it is scamer 99%

Who are you I don’t see you bidding here. How do I know the last bid was 40B

you with scamers?

51m sp for sold for 28 bill are you really think it is normal? lol.
2600 days in npc corp…1000% scam. retracted bid

Still… who are you? It may be a scam but whats your authority to say so?

i am a good guy and you?

Account hacked. Be careful, dont buy!

You guys are paranoid, sale is pending, no hacked account.

Close sale. Character sold.

Sale closed.